Day TWO: 26th may, 2017 - acmi


Registration, Refreshments & Networking

Opening Remarks from Growth Tank
Speaker: David Willey - Co-founder & Director

Intro and Event Welcome





Stump the Strategist

Hosted by: Business & Marketing Strategy Consultancy - Step Change

This is a unique opportunity where you can pose your trickiest marketing questions and get them answered by strategists in just 9 minutes. Award winning strategists from Step Change will use their wealth of experience to ensure you get the most targeted and specific answers to your question. Get ready to walk away with insights, new perspectives, and clear next steps for your business.

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Round Table Discussion 1 - Millennials & Brands

Chaired by: Kate Day - Director of Commercial Strategy, Nova Entertainment

Everyone knows that millennials are incredibly savvy to traditional marketing and advertising. During this session we will discuss brand building tactics and cost effective strategies to ensure you remain attractive and relevant to millennials.

Additional talking points:

  • A discussion around developing early brand loyalty and how to set the stage for lifelong relevance. 
  • How to build a strong following without huge budgets
  • How do we gain brand trust in the post-trust era


Morning Refreshments & Networking


Round Table Discussion 2 - Content, Habits & Attitudes

Chaired by: Vevo

Where are the millennials and how to reach them: With millennials increasingly using online and on demand platforms for entertainment purposes, what are the best tactics to get your brand message to the relevant millennial audience. This session will discuss how to best leverage traditional and digital platforms to reach millennials.

Additional talking points:

  • When to best run cross platform campaigns depending on your campaign message.
  • How do reach and frequency parameters differ depending on the platform your using.
  • How to best use targeting capabilities and ensure your campaigns are getting a ROI.


Round Table Discussion 3 - Are Millennials F*cked - Millennial Behaviours

Chaired by: Viacom

During this session we will probe and discuss the topics and common assumptions about the millennial generation including social media addiction, the comparison between millennials and previous generations, and the pressure to succeed before the age of 30. We look at how brands are interacting with millennials on social channels and explore other behavioural traits affecting success of campaigns. 


Lunch & Networking


Predatory Marketing Workshop - Part One

Hosted by: Business & Marketing Strategy Consultancy - Step Change

Speakers: David Siegel, Kathy Rhodes & Adam Long

We've partnered with an award winning consultancy Step Change to conduct a 2 1/2 hour expert  Predatory Marketing Workshop (valued at $9000).

Discover how to stand out with a winning marketing in today's super competitive and complex communications age. 

  • Learn and apply one of the most powerful marketing concepts to changing behaviour
  • Understand why your marketing could be growing your competitors market share
  • Outsmart your competition for the long term


Afternoon Refreshments & Networking


Predatory Marketing Workshop - Part Two

Hosted by: Business & Marketing Strategy Consultancy - Step Change

Speakers: David Siegel, Kathy Rhodes & Adam Long



Discussion Panel & Closing Remarks from Growth Tank


Day 2 Event Close