Australian millennials make up 4.2 million of our population and have a combined disposable income of $530million per year. They’re the biggest spending generation in history, yet brands and businesses are missing out because of ineffective marketing strategies.

Over two days of keynotes, debates and panel discussions, we’ll uncover behavioural insights that will help you tap into their lucrative wallets.

·      On Day 1 we’ll explore millennial drivers and cultural trends that impact your business.

·      On Day 2 we’ll bring you global and Australian leaders to arm you with the actionable tools and practices to implement tomorrow.

·      Our hands-on expo will bring you the latest in millennial engagement from VR through to social influencer tracking. 


The key topics of the conference include: 

  • How to develop effective engagement strategies
  • Changing media consumption habits 
  • The latest thinking on Social Media  
  • Mobile purchasing trends 
  • Getting to grips with social influencers 
  • The latest technologies & usage
  • Insights into all areas of youth lifestyle & culture
  • Understanding the mindset of Millennials 
  • Workplace motivations & the start up generation
  • Using video as a tool to engage
  • The rise of native advertising