Day One: 25th May, 2017 - acmi


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Opening Remarks from Growth Tank
Speaker: David Willey - Co-founder & Director

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Millennials WTF?

Speaker: Alice Kimberley - Strategic Planner

Every two years VICE conducts one of the largest surveys of youth in the world. In this session we'll explore what 'cool' means today, and explore the massive sociological changes underpinning the way this generation defines themselves and how they interact with the increasingly complex world around them.

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Marketing to Millennials; Creating Culture, Purpose and Impact

Speaker: Ashley Fell - Team Leader of Communications

The ever-changing consumer landscape is revealing new customer segments and showing the decline of some traditional categories. Understanding these emerging Millennial customers, the influence of new generations and the use of new technology on consumers is essential for today’s leading marketers. In this session Ashley will give an overview of creating an engaging brand for a new generation of customers – the Millennials.







How technology may just bridge the gap and ignite the next freelance economy

Speaker: Jules Lund - Founder

Sitting idle within the phones of millennials are billions of images that unconsciously celebrate brands that define their lifestyle. Yet marketers are under pressure to generate volumes of branded content from scratch. Is this the next freelance economy? If so, how can marketers pre-empt the trend and tap into the possibilities. 


Effectively Connecting with the Leaders of our Mobile First, Always Connected, Visual Language Era

Speaker: Paul Nahoun - Travel Industry Lead ANZ

Millennials are growing up. They're achieving major milestones, overcoming past challenges and thinking about their futures. Across this group’s diverse mix of life stages, however, Mobile and Visual Language are ubiquitous. Today we will discuss how to build better connections where Australians daily spend 1/3 of their Mobile lives: Facebook & Instagram.

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Morning Refreshments & Networking


Millennials and Gen Z

Speaker: Mark Henning

Millennials and Gen Z are true digital natives using the power of digital to choose when and where they engage with content and who they engage with. So in this world of digital user control how can brands engage and how can they avoid the being skipped, scrolled past or blocked? In this session we will share some global learning and examples of how brands can succeed with digital.


Vevo’s 2017 Music Fan Report

Speaker: Chris Derrick - Head of Digital Strategy

Exploring how people are consuming music in 2017 and the relationship people have to music, SCA will present this global research to an Australian audience for the first time. The research shows why artists make great brand ambassadors and how to leverage the social relevancy of music in marketing to an audience that understands the relationship between advertising and music videos.


University Students

Speaker: Michaela Chan - Chief Marketing Officer

oOh! Media have dug deep into one of most important youth segments, students, to dispel myths about the purchasing power of this group and shed light on their life on and off campus.


Millennials and Y Gen Z Are Next.

Speaker: Stig Richards - Head of Insights

Millennials have been in the spotlight for the past few years and as they mature into late 20s and 30-somethings, there's a whole new generation already snapping at their heels. One of the largest research studies into Millennials and the next generation, Gen Z, this presentation will look at what you need to know about Australia’s youth. It’ll look at the similarities and differences between Millennials and Gen Z, how to best reach both generations, and how they've evolved over the years.



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Tasty AF: How BuzzFeed’s Biggest Franchise is Revolutionising Branded Content  

Speaker: David Nemes - Vice President, Brand Strategy

You’ve probably heard of Tasty. In fact, you’ve probably watched one of their videos in the last month - about 10 million Australians did. But you might not know about the fast growing network of brand extensions and new franchises BuzzFeed is launching on the back of the culinary juggernaut. 
In this session, BuzzFeed’s VP of Brand Strategy for Australia and APAC David Nemes will share insights on how BuzzFeed’s focus on creating content people want to share is powering massive impact - and how brands can get in on the action. 


Social Media Strategies built for Millennials

Speaker: Abbey Leung – Head of Strategy and Accounts

How to build a successful social media strategy that millennials will connect with and embrace? Abbey will be sharing with us how to leverage data for insight-led social strategies that answer to audience needs. Defining cross-channel, relevant content pillars that meet business and social objectives and use of smart segmentation targeting to drive authentic engagement.



How Millennials are Spending Their Money


Chris Wirasinha -  CoFounder

Jacqui La'Brooy - National Advertising & Partnerships Director Australia's largest youth focused publishing brand will present a no bullshit, unfiltered view of how Millennials are spending their money and what it means for you. This truly original research was created through an in-depth approach tracking their bank statements, over 30 hours of in-depth interviews, touring their homes and tailing them in supermarkets along with data analysis from over a 1000 young Aussies aged 18 to 29. 


Media + Generational Behaviour

Speaker: Tony Thomas - Chief Marketing & Digital Officer

Nova Entertainment has evolved from a traditional radio broadcaster with one strong flagship brand to a multi-faceted content business across many platforms and brands. Nova Entertainment’s Chief Marketing & Digital Officer, Tony Thomas, will look at how the iconic Nova brand has evolved to meet the needs of Millennials, whether media influences audience behaviour or audience behaviour influences media and why radio has continued to grow in audience and revenue despite the huge growth in digital.  


Making Meaningful Connections with Millennials

Speaker: Dion Appel - Managing Director

It is not uncommon to see brands attempt to build relevance with Millennials by tapping into short term fads.
But what is the advantage of building social capital and cultural infusion by tapping into enduring consumer values to generate short term and long term brand growth?
Dion Appel, founder of Lifelounge and Managing Director of DDB Melbourne, will discuss how brands can build meaningful connections with Millennials in Australia today.


Afternoon Refreshments & Networking


What can we learn from silly in-app games?

Speaker: Brendan Watmore

The consumer has bolted to apps. Millennials spend significantly more time consuming content in-app than browsing on mobile or on desktop. Gaming businesses have become masters of capitalising on in-app audiences and there are a few tips we can borrow for our own digital strategies.


Top 5 Content Marketing Hacks

Speaker: James Gilbert - Senior Marketing Manager

How do some businesses manage to grow and scale their content and marketing like rocket ships and other companies can barely get someone to share it? This presentation will go through the key components of a content marketing growth strategy that are leveraged by some of the most successful brands online. It will explore how to leverage content to grow your web visitors, leads and customers - that businesses of all sizes can learn from and implement immediately to help them grow their business fast.


Trust me, I’m a millennial

Speaker: Jessica Hackett - Head of Marketing

Across the generational board, brand trust is in decline. And in the age of the digital native, ready access to intel is giving rise to an increasingly cynical new demographic.

We are all battling to understand how best to communicate and win the approval of a new breed of customers. How do we not only grab their attention but their trust and respect? The Urban List reveals their most recent research, sharing key insights as to the impact of the customer experience, channels and discovery path on brand trust. Authenticity and reputation will always be key drivers, regardless of generation, but what steps must marketers take to ensure we are best placed to earn the hearts, minds and market share of the millennial gang?



Play, Make, Do
Speaker: Bradley Eldridge - Creative Partner & Owner

Brad from Soap will talk about the agency’s philosophy – Play. Make. Do – and how it helps brands stay relevant to millennials.

You’ll hear about how the agency changed young people’s attitudes to sun safety, by creating a fashion brand that allowed Cancer Institute NSW to play a role in popular culture.

He will present a series of YouTube pre-roll videos Soap produced for Sanitarium to make millennials engage beyond the skip button.

Lastly, he’ll speak about how Soap started an indie game studio to do their own mobile games. And, why games are one of the most effective media formats to engage with millennials.

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Are Millennials F*cked?

Speaker: Sam Yeldham

When you ask that question in a social video and it gets over 100 million organic views (and counting), you know you’ve asked the right question. 
MTV's Senior Digital Video Producer Sam Yeldham tells us what happened next and how it led to a successful branded content series.

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Closing Remarks from Growth Tank


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